Ivan has been playing piano since 1993 and received his Master of Music degree in Moscow, Russia which is one of the most musical cities in Europe and known for its highest standards of musical education system. During his study, Ivan participated in different state and international musical competitions that brought him prizes and diplomas.

He is also honored to have been involved in the master-classes with the world famous pianists: Vladimir Viardo, Boris Petrushanskiy and Valery Afanasiev.Ivan's final writing work in his Academy: "Johannes Brahms role in the artistic culture of XIX-XX centuries" and the final writing work in Graduate School: "The fate of the classical musical heritage in contemporary art" were revered by the State Examination Board with the highest assessment in the Russian education system.

In the spring of 2014 Ivan completed the course of jazz improvisation from Berklee College of Music, taught by the amazing famed jazz musician, Gary Burton. About 14 years ago Ivan's friends asked him to give piano lessons to their 4 year old son. It was his first step in teaching and it has helped him realize that he loves teaching piano lessons maybe even more than playing piano.

Within next years Ivan polished his professional skills as a teacher researching different piano programs and testing them in his piano studio. With his students he tried different types of teaching methods known in Russia, Asia, Europe and America, created a few music courses for children and adults, organized concerts and art events, wrote music history articles, works and a self-teaching piano book.

Currently, Ivan teaches his private students in Bellflower, California and works as a music teacher at Yamaha Music School, Arts Development School of Music​ and as a pianist at Rio Hondo College.

Ivan is an active member of Music Teachers' Association of California. For those students who are interested in piano exams, Ivan provides preparations for CM, ABRSM and RCMD. He also elaborated his own piano courses based on the requirements and traditions of Russian music education. In his teaching Ivan combines innovations of American musical education, high standards of Russian musical education system and European classical traditions.

You can watch some of the videos of past and present Ivan's students in this link: Ivan's students.


Gnessin State College of Music (Moscow) 2004-2008

Department: Instrumental performance and pedagogy.
Major: Piano.
Bachelor of Arts.

Maimonides State Classical Academy (Moscow) 2008-2013

Department: World Musical Culture.
Major: Piano.
Bachelor of Arts.
Graduate work: "Johannes Brahms role in the artistic culture of XIX-XX centuries"

Graduate school of Maimonides State Classical Academy (Moscow) 2013-2015

Department: World Music Culture.
Major: Piano.
Master of Music.
Graduate work: "The fate of the classical musical heritage in contemporary art"

Berklee College of Music (Online) 2014

Course of jazz improvisation.